Priscila Ramirez

Family Connector

Priscila was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. She is a mother of three beautiful children (Isaura, Gabriel, Aranzazu).

In 2000 Priscila immigrated to Colorado. She experienced first-hand how barriers like culture and language in a predominantly white school system made education difficult for students who were newcomers. From that moment on she realized how important it is for a child to learn within their own needs.

Currently Priscila dedicates her time to raising her children, as an involved mother she joined with La Piñata Del Aprendizaje which reaffirmed her role as her children’s first teacher. Priscila advocates for early education and believes that every kid has access to quality education regardless of their limitations. 

She is also a community and medical interpreter, she also works as a promotora in which she advocated for legislative change for agricultural workers all while providing resources that help meet their needs. At the same time she works on the improvement of the Montebello community through connections to resources. 

In her free time Priscila enjoys listening to audiobooks and doing craft


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