Frequently asked questions

This page includes a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the programs and services offered by La Piñata Del Aprendizaje.

The program is completely free for families.

We accept children from birth to 4 years.

You can do it from the website in the waiting list section, or contact one of the facilitators.
You do not need any official documents.
1 session per week.
2 hours per session.
  • Class in Spanish
  • Activities according to the age of the child
  • Structured routine
  • Healthy Snack
  • Cultural respect
  • Opportunity to spend quality time with your child
  • Join a community of parents and/or caregivers
  • Early Education Learning
  • Learning through play
  • Strengthens their social and emotional development
  • Work on their independence
  • Develops creativity
  • Learns from routines
  • Learns to share
  • Is prepared for preschool
  • Learns to take turns

We offer the following monthly:

  • Didactic materials
  • Art materials
  • One children’s book
  • Food basket
  • Gift Card (King Soopers)
  • Connection with existing resources
  • Quarterly child assessments
  • Access to a digital platform that shows your child’s progress and recommendations to improve learning.
The program is for parents and caregivers with children age 0 to 4.

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