Alejandra Torres Eufracio


Originally from Tuxpan Jalisco, Alejandra Graduated from the City Institute of Technology Guzmán, with a Bachelor of Public Accounting. In 2011 she immigrated to the United States to Denver Colorado and while there, she was dedicated to home, early education and entrepreneurship. She is a mother of three children Sebastian, Jonathan and Christian, they are great teachers of life.

Alejandra enjoys being of service to her community, that is why she has participates as a leader and in workshops, courses and programs, where she has found the value of respect, has learned about defending human rights, as well as the integral development and well-being of families.

Over the years, she has facilitated various parent and child programs, promoting the importance of the role of the parents as the first teachers.

She currently works as a facilitator in the program “La Piñata del Aprendizaje” and as an entrepreneur in the area of sales.

Her favorite hobby is spending time with her family, she really enjoys the opportunity to be able to connect with her inner child when she is with her children exploring different places, such as museums, and recreation areas; she enjoys talking about memories with them and childhood experiences.

Among her strengths, natural leadership, empathy, security, passion stand out for education, commitment and continuous learning.

Alejandra Torres Eufracio

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